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Formerly Latino Print Network.

Serving over 900+ Media Outlets Used By 57% of Latino Households in the USA

About Us

Latino 247 Media Group started in 1996. It offers insightful news on 650+ Hispanic newspapers, magazines, websites in 180 markets across the USA with a combined circulation of 16 million. A key service that has been provided is the 440 readership studies for Latino publications. Also, it has done original research for organizations like the Screen Actors Guild and Disney.

Services include news services, research, and media buys for the newspapers, magazines, podcasts, and websites that we work with. Reach the Hispanic community with one phone call.


Print Media Campaigns

650+ Hispanic newspapers, magazines, websites in 180 markets across the USA. Combined circulation of 16 million.

eNewsletters Campaigns

Hispanic Marketing 101 eNewsletter with circulation of 13,400. Readers: Hispanic media professionals & editors. Latino Events eNewsletter reaches publishers, authors & community leaders.

Podcasts Campaigns

A variety of podcasts covering books by and about Latinos, business, community, musical entertainment, marketing, insights from great leaders, & Para los Niños podcast for children.

Research Studies

440+ readership studies for Latino publications. Diverse zip code profile in the USA. Key quantitative research.

8 Reasons Why We Are Your Best Avenue For POLITICAL BUYS

In California alone we work with 170 Latino media entities with an unduplicated reach of 7 million Latinos!

1. A Desired Audience With Unmatched Growth

  • Fastest Growing Community- Nationwide Latinos represent over 50% of all growth in the USA.
  • Voting Power Growing Even Faster – In 1980 3.0 million Latinos were registered to vote in the USA; 1990 – 4.4 million; 2000 – 7.5 million; 2016 – 15.3 million, a growth of 410%
  • Even More Political Growth in California – In 1980 0.7 million Latinos were registered to vote in the USA; 1990 – 1.2 million; 2000 – 1.9 million; 2016 – 3.9 million, a growth of 457%

2. Latino Readers Are VOTERS

  • Latino Readers are CITIZENS – Nationwide 64% of the readers of Hispanic publications are citizens & 51% of readers born in another country have become citizens. This is much higher than for any other Spanish language media.
  • Latino Readers VOTE – In the 2016 elections 86% of Latino citizens who read Hispanic newspapers voted.
  • Newspapers – Newspaper are still the MOST USED MEDIA by people staying current on LOCAL and REGIONAL politics.
  • Latinos TRUST their publications – 91% of the readers of Latino publications say their newspaper is the best or a good source for news. Using a media is one thing ~ TRUSTING a media is a much stronger relationship.
  • Families – 56% of Hispanic Print readers are from a married couple with children in the household, highest anywhere.
  • Higher Income – 17% higher than for Hispanics overall.

3. Reach & Frequency

The Publications we work with include audited Hispanic newspaper, plus hundreds of other newspapers, magazines, and key newsletters. Here’s a breakdown:

4. Quality Publications

  • Editorial – The average weekly publication that we work with has 19 regular editorial sections to better meet their readers’ desires and advertisers’ needs.
  • Award Winning – We work with quality media outlets: In California, 63% of the publications we work with have won National Awards for their editorial content, design, and marketing efforts.
  • Zip Codes Our Hispanic ZIP Profile USA offers great ZIP code data and trends for 9.5 million in Hispanic circulation.

5. Online Efforts

83% of the media that we work with have meaningful digital and online programs including websites, online videos, eNewsletters, and digital editions of their publications.

6. Strong Relationship

Our founder has over four decades of national experience in Latino media and was honored to serve in 1982 as the founding president of the National Association of Hispanic Publications. Further, our company has carried out 440+ Readership Studies for Latino media operations.

7. All of This Allows Us To Produce GREAT Value For YOU

  • Great Rates. With our 40 year involvement in Latino media, we get the best media for your effort.
  • Great Value. Because of the relationships we have we are able to deliver very low CPMs and often free or earned media for every dollar spent. Every campaign is different, but we have solid ties.
  • Great Packages. Because of knowledge of how media works we can offer California statewide packages for as little as $300,000 to packages that will produce 100+ million media impressions. Let us know your needs.
  • Reach The Latino Voters That Will Determine Key Races This Year. Let us help you reach the Latinos that will be voting this year.

8. The Questions We Help You Answer

  • Differentiate – With each new campaign season more and more efforts are looking the same. This not only doesn’t generate votes for your candidate or issue, it turns people off from even voting. Let us help you find new ways to present your case.
  • Targeting – We can help you target down to the zip code if needed, as we do for entities like the DCCC. Key for local and congressional races.
  • Turnout – What determines turnout varies with each race. We will work to MAXIMIZE turnout for your effort. In California, we’ve seen recent Latino turnout as high as 86% to as low as 52%. We can work with you to RAISE that number.

Latino 247 Media Group

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